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By Anonymous


Getting into medical school is like losing your virginity. I know it sounds a little crazy, but think about it: Both undeniably are milestones in life and, at the same time, both are only as important as you make them. Take me for example: I was one of the last in my group of friends to have sex, and coincidentally, I’m also one of the last in my group to (hopefully) get into medical school. Telling correlations aside, take a moment to muse with me about the parallels between medical school and virginity through the lens of my experience. Oh, and one quick qualification: I’m not saying that my life is universally applicable—everyone has their own way of getting to their first time, just like everyone has their own way of getting into medical school.


Like I mentioned before, I was the last one in my group of friends to lose his virginity. Now say what you will about the virtues of chastity and whatnot, but teenage boys have only one thing on their mind, and it’s a three letter word starting with “S.” That’s right, I studied my ass off for the SAT. Seriously though, there are many similarities between sex and medical school. For one, no one really knows what’s going on. Personally, I was given a lot of advice on how to act and what to do both in my pursuit of girls and my pursuit of a medical career. At the time I couldn’t really see the point of much of this advice – it seemed totally unconnected to the end goal. However, along the way I did some growing, maybe had some fun, and certainly endured a ton of heartache (many, many rejections).


And then that moment when you actually get in… well, I only know firsthand for one of these, but I’m told that getting into medical school feels much, much better than bed. However, it’s interesting to note what happens after that. It can’t be denied that some people don’t have the purest intentions when it comes to their first time having sex, and for them it’s never as great or amazing as it could be. Some people end up “settling” and after it’s over they lose the potential to build something wonderful. On the flip side, some people work very hard to be with a certain person or a certain medical school. Once they’re in, that moment of acceptance is pure bliss that lasts for much longer than for those others. This is far from a one-night stand; for these people, Lieberman’s lectures are like sweet nectar.


Okay, I’ll stop. But I hope I’ve made my point: Right now I might be a desperate virgin, but UC School of Medicine is looking like that beautiful, smart, funny, and all around awesome girl from my AP Chemistry class. If I could be with her, my gratitude would be undying; I would pour my heart and soul into her. And I’d consider myself the luckiest kid in the world if she’d accept me.

Virginity and Med School

Getting into one is like losing the other.



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