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By Xu Gao


As an M1, I have to get up early in the morning, and ask myself the difficult questions in life: Am I ready for today? Have I studied enough for this week’s exam? Are there any volunteer opportunities that I accidentally looked over? But most importantly of all, I have to decide if I feel like Internal Medicine today? Or perhaps I’m peckish for Geriatrics.


The old saying goes “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Now, in a fiscal sense, don’t kid yourself. It’s free. Do I have to whip out my wallet as I shuffle up to the buffet table and fall behind the rest of the academic sheep at a Family Medicine panel? No. Have I once had to sacrifice my budgeted post-exam bar money for an AMSA sponsored lunch talk? Absolutely not! Worst case scenario: 10 minutes lost waiting in line, only to realize that Plastic Surgery is serving the same pizza Peds ordered in the lunch talk next door.


In lieu of this culinary conundrum, a new saying should be instated: "My specialization is only as good as the food they served me”. In all honesty, I am sure that we have were accepted with some notion of what kind of doctors we want to be by the time we graduate. More likely than not, our interests will be diverted to different areas as our ideas of human medicine are altered and expanded.


Regardless of how adamant we were in our quests to learn the art of medicine, and how rigorous our routines have become in preparation for each day, our minds are still being molded - whether by the inspiring lectures the professors gave, or by the Jimmy John’s sandwich platters the Neurology group so graciously supplied. In light of all this - these lunch talks provide a litmus test for our integrity as doctors-to-be, and for how dedicated we are to the specialties we hope to achieve.


Uncovering our futures, one lunch talk at a time.



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