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Thomas Negassi


When the earth cracks with thirst,

And the sand dunes swirl with wind,

In the moonless night,

Or the scorching sun,

When crops fail,

And mankind flees,  


Will you still wait?


When the Nile hastens to the Sea,

And the Mediterranean awaits-

Longing light house for an eye,

Open delta for a mouth.

When the River converses with its valley,

And the Sea counts the sands,  


Will you still wait?


When commitment dissipates,  

And confusion precipitates,

When distance chisels a schism,

And the gulf expands,

When lonely nights dawn,

And long days await,


Will you still wait?








About the Author:

Thomas Negassi is a first-year medical student. He is an Eritrean who grew up in Ethiopia and who has called Cincinnati his home for the past seven years.






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