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Kiefer Hock


To what do I owe

This Honor?

To my abounding intellect,

Or to the lack of theirs?


Can I even speak of honor?

See it, breathe it, feel it,

In this time and space

Of discovery?


I see them,

They see me;

Is this not enough

To grant them their serenity and

Brevity here?


And what say you of the ape?

He who shares 99% of his

“Inner-stuff” with man.

Man, with such an infinitesimal difference, can

Call this “stuff” DNA and silence

The ape in his cage.

Yes, ape is he, not it.


And so our lives are bound to


Others who seem fit to receive

Man’s good graces;

And others deemed pleasingly fit under

Man’s field of view.  


So we must never forget

That to stand upright is not

Just a privilege afforded by nature;

But also an honor bequeathed to us—

From our little mammalian

Brothers and Sisters.







Of Mice (My LIfe is not my own)

About the Author:

My name is Kiefer Hock, and I am an aspiring first- year medical student at the University of Cincinnati. I am originally from Nashville, TN, but I attended Emory University in Atlanta, GA where I picked up writing poetry and prose.


About the artwork:

I was inspired to paint an abstract portrait of John Steinbeck because of his contribution to American literature and his profound genius for crafting allegories of the pain, suffering, and redemption intrinsic to life.  There is glory and transcendence in the mundane and trivial life, and Steinbeck captures such vivid sceneries of mankind with his flowing, organic prose. He truly is an inspiration to all art-forms that portray nature, life, and the contest between good and evil.




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