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Issue 4 - First Annual Writing Contest



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Cover Art - MotherChildPainting

About the Cover


Title: “Mother & Child”


By Stephanie Benjamin


Medium: Acrylic on canvas


I created this painting and donated it to an art auction last month to help raise money for a young family in Chicago.  Jenny, a friend of mine from graduate school, and her husband found out they were expecting their second child. Shortly after finding out she was pregnant Jenny learned that she was about to lose her job- and that the family would lose their health insurance.  A couple months into the pregnancy the family received devastating news- their child has spina bifida and will require a lot of intensive, and expensive, medical care.  With no health insurance, and the prospect of rapidly mounting medical bills, my friends from graduate school organized an art auction to raise money for their family.  In the spirit of the fundraiser, I went with the theme of family for my painting.  My goal was to try and capture the special bond that exists between a mother and her child.


If you like, you can read more about Jenny and her family here:

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