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Brought to you by the students of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


Mentis is a unique forum for UCCOM students to share our ideas, experiences, and opinions.


Through student-composed creative works, we aim to discuss different viewpoints on contentious topics, present fresh developments in the broader world of medicine, expose issues that specifically pertain to us as a student body, and add a little humor in between.


Ultimately, broadening our horizons as medical students will make us more capable physicians and better human beings, and we hope to provide an outlet to accomplish this purpose.

Submissions and Contact

We publish opinion pieces, interviews, art, poetry, fiction, humor, photography, book/article reviews, reflections, and any other student-composed creative works.


If you have comments, suggestions, questions or are interested in submitting your work to Mentis, please do not hesitate to contact us.


m[email protected]

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